Employee Motivation

Conventional means of maintaining and monitoring employee productivity have always come at the cost of employee motivation. When often viewed as breaches of privacy, employees tend to feel strong dislike when they realize that they’re screens are being monitored and their activity stored, and subsequently causing the collective employee motivation to decline. WorkMeter is different.

Non-invasive = High Employee Motivation

WorkMeter is a productivity enhancing software that understands the importance of privacy as well as its tie to employee motivation. It aims to increase the work done without taking measures many view as dubious or unsavory. Employee motivation cannot be achieved without the full cooperation of the employee themselves. It achieves this by giving the employee themselves access to their productivity data as well as by not recording specific activity.

Productivity maps, application usage charts, and a slew of other tools provide the employer just that: ways to maintain and increase their workforce productivity while not sacrificing employee motivation. By using these methods, methods that the workers themselves can see, employee motivation skyrockets. Transparency is one of the most appreciated methods employers can use, and WorkMeter is just that.

Self-Motivation is the Best Motivator

Conventional productivity methods focus on the employer judging their employees from afar and then criticizing them accordingly. The employee themselves never have any view of their productivity levels, activity records, or contribution to the company, so when their employer speaks to them about their work, they have no visible metric at hand, and this hurts their motivation.

WorkMeter incorporates the employees in its system, allowing them to see what they’ve done and how they can better themselves. This self-motivation works wonders since if the employee sees that they’ve been spending too much time being unproductive, they push themselves to become better. Now applying this company wide and you’ll see employee motivation rise as the managers won’t be the ones providing it; the employees will be providing it themselves.

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