Why WorkMeter?

  • We are very often unaware of how we use our time at work
  • We lack objective data that helps us make decisions that effectively increase work productivity
  • We are constantly distracted by stimuli at work that interrupt us and take our focus away from the task at hand
  • We need to be able to adapt to change and promote flexible models such as teleworking and flexitime

WorkMeter provides metrics that allow companies to analyse behaviour patterns, detect opportunities for improvement and measure the impact of implemented improvements.

What is WorkMeter?

It also allows employees to incorporate data on time spent engaged in offline activities (meetings, travel, etc.) and can be easily integrated with other platforms.

WorkMeter Ensures Privacy

WorkMeter ensures individual privacy. It collects information about time and work dynamics without ever saving contents of e-mails or documents.

WorkMeter is Transparent

The information generated by WorkMeter is collected and then presented to both manager and employee in a way that’s objective and transparent for both parties.

WorkMeter is Highly Customisable

WorkMeter can be configured to adapt easily to different organisational structures. It allows individual departments to define objectives and determine which applications and activities are considered productive.

How does it work?

WorkMeter is a SaaS solution that allows rapid implementation at a minimal cost to your organisation.

  • Pay-per-use model - no license required
  • No investment in infrastructure
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Adapts easily to mobile usage and to distributed environments
  • Automatic data collection with no manual data entry required

Who uses WorkMeter?

PC Phone SmartPhone Movility
  • Organisations with employees that work on PCs or other devices
  • Small, mid-size and large companies and public entities
  • Companies or institutions that wish to implement flexible work models while maintaining their competitiveness

What's inside?

Activity and work productivity reporting

WorkMeter reports on the difference between activity and productive activity (the latter defined as time actively engaged in tasks defined as productive and that add value to the organisation).

Informes de actividad y productividad

Category-based application and task grouping

Tasks and applications can be grouped by category to make it easy to determine if effort is focused on priorities.

Visualización de datos sencilla

Continuous improvement system

WorkMeter allows you to compare real activity against an optimal profile you have configured so you can analyse deviations and establish improvement plans to bring real activity in line with desired results.

Sistema de mejora continua

Management by objectives

Once problem areas have been identified, targets and objectives can be set, based on WorkMeter data or data from other integrated platforms.

Dirección por objetivos

Project management

Activity data can be linked to projects so you can analyse how time is spent on each project.

Gestión de proyectos

Weekly progress reports

WorkMeter automatically sends employees full weekly reports that allow them to analyse their work productivity data.

Informes de progresos semanales

Productive applications map

The applications panel displays graphics that show time spent on both productive and non-productive activities during a selected period of time.

Mapa de productividad

Employee reporting

A panel displays overall data on activity, productivity and time spent in non-work activities.

Informe de empleados

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