Sure, everyone is working a lot...
but is everyone working efficiently?

Benefits for Employees

WorkMeter is designed to help your people. Employees benefit above all, by being able to work more efficiently and improve their productivity.

Improve Employee Time Management: WorkMeter gives employees objective data on their own performance. They can see and improve bad habits, better manage interruptions, analyse their particular time thieves and also improve their ability to plan and maintain focus on tasks.

Align Individual Objectives with Results: Employees have visibility of their objectives at all times and can see where they stand with respect to their desired results. If there are deviations between desired outcomes and actual outcomes they can immediately identify what is impeding progress and modify their way of working. And since metrics are visible by all, their improvements get acknowledged.

Permit Greater Flexibility and Improve Motivation: WorkMeter enables companies to implement flexible work models, like teleworking and flexitime. Not only does this represent cost savings for employees and companies, it also makes for a better work environment and more satisfied, motivated employees.

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Benefits for Departments

WorkMeter enables workplace flexibility, improves performance and talent management and increases organisational efficiency.

Make Better Decisions: WorkMeter provides objective data on employee performance and productivity. It brings greater visibility to workplace dynamics and allows teams and employees to agree on quantifiable objectives. Team leaders gain a complete scorecard that allows them to better manage teams and make data-driven decisions.

Efficient Resource Management: Managers get objective data on employee productivity, workloads and levels of effort so that they can effectively assign tasks, better distribute workloads and optimise resources to improve productivity.

Remote Management: WorkMeter adapts to all kinds of mobile scenarios and distributed environments. Teams can access data from anywhere at any time. The ability to share information remotely increases efficiency and brings teams into alignment. Team leaders can manage staff better and more easily.

Benefits to the Company

Our customers report productivity increases of more than 30% when profit and loss are factored in.

Improve Productivity

WorkMeter help generate positive attitudes that align employees with overall company objectives. When individuals are able to improve their efficiency, they feel more motivated and companies are able to achieve measurable improvements, increasing productivity by as much as 30%.

Gain Immediate ROI

WorkMeter is a pay-per-use, SaaS productivity software that requires no infrastructure investment and allows fast implementation and deployment at no cost to your organisation. Productivity increases are immediately visible, so companies can expect fast and continuous ROI.

Modernise Your Organisation and Project Efficiency

A work environment that is flexible and up to date with current workforce trends is capable of maintaining good talent. WorkMeter helps companies to promote work-life balance and fosters en environment where co-responsibility positively impacts key progress indicators.

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