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WorkMeter is a software solution that measures and improves productivity levels of employees using PCs, mobile phones and other devices.

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"We are more efficient, we make more objective decisions and we are all more aware of and responsible about our time. Our efforts are visible in both cost savings and in the quality we deliver our customers"

Ramón Montané Benet
Co-Founder Stratesys


"As a consultancy specializing in productivity in the office worker space, WorkMeter allows me to present objective, not just subjective, data to my customers so there is no doubt about where all their time is going.... WorkMeter empowers employees to make changes according to hard facts, rather than a manager telling them what to do; and what employee wouldn't prefer that?"

Michael Hoffman
CEO Atrendia


"WorkMeter gives us key information that helps us improve productivity, to use work tools more effectively and to manage all our international projects."

Jan Bastiaans
CEO Bryte

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WorkMeter is a productivity platform that increases employee productivity and improves organisational performance.